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Mina S.

Ive been using Jay at steam kleen for the past couple years came and did my carpet it was done phenomenally well. Very impressed with the work ethic, and punctuality. Highly recommend to anyone else.

Mina S.

Paula from North York

I called Jay for a quote when our main floor toilet overflowed and came pouring out of our basement ceiling. Steam Kleen returned my call promptly and was honest about what they could do and what was a reasonable expectation. Jay came when he said he would and cleaned the carpet, replaced the underpad, dried the carpet and steam cleaned it. He also moved the wall unit and after a few days of drying, he returned and replaced everything and steam cleaned the entire basement. Steam Kleen staff always wore shoe covers and were very polite. No complaints and quite accommodating. Thanks Jay. I won’t hesitate to recommend you to everyone who needs your service.

Paula from North York
Fire & Water Damage Restoration review in Toronto– April 2016

Happy Customer in Denlow Neighbourhood

Jay and George did a great job. They arrived within 2 days of my call. They worked quickly and efficiently with great results. There were some remaining stains as I hadn’t cleaned my carpet in many years, so they came back and re-did the work under their guarantee. The results were amazing. It’s like having new carpet. I am very happy with their work and pricing. I highly recommend them.

Happy Customer in Denlow Neighbourhood
Carpet Cleaning– 09/09/2016


Fleet Car Interior detailing

Fleet cars look and feel great with our essential car interior cleaning services. With regular use any car will have dust and dirt build up from food, pollution and light layers of dirt added to the seats each time we sit down.

We can also handle stains that happen from food, snow, salt, sand, mud and more. Regular dirt and stains get added from our shoes. We’re also there to clean other accidents such as pets stains, vomit and other organic based waste.

Fleet Car Exterior detailing

The exterior of the car will give your clients and customers their first impression of your company. That why it’s important to keep the exterior in good condition. Dirt and other pollutants end up on the car exterior with regular use.

Regular Toronto commutes are on average 1 hour. This travel time will allows your car exterior to acquire lots of dirt. Car washes don’t always get all the dirt. This makes it important to periodically give your car exterior professional car cleaning.

SteamKleen offers a full spectrum of auto detailing services in Toronto for all types of vehicles, both exterior and interior.
Call us today at 416-801-9393.

Why Professional Leather Cleaning?

Steam Kleen uses expert equipment and products for leather car cleaning. Specialized leather cleaning products are required for different leather types. The leather gets cleaned with the first step to removing dirt and other debris.

In the next step, the leather is conditioned to revitalize and protect it. Leather needs protection against UV light, general wearing, discoloration, and from general drying and cracking of the material. Protect your luxury leather car interior so you can keep it looking great over time.

At SteamKleen, We Service Your Car As If It Were Our Own

Why Get Your Fleet Car Detailed?

Professional car cleaning will clean and deodorize the interior and exterior our your fleet cars. Cleanliness shows that your company is professional and it also keeps your employee morale high. Dirt and other smells in your car do the opposite.

Steam Kleen won’t interrupt your busy schedule because we come to you. Fleet cars can be cleaned at your place of business to better accommodate you.

High Heat

If a truck-mount system is used, the water can reach over 112 degree Celsius ! Water boils at 100 degree Celsius. Hot water is a key component in any cleaning work.

Benefits of Fleet Car Detailing

-Great professional first impression
-Keeps your cars and employees looking professional
-Deodorizes the car interior
-Freshens the car air versus masking the air with air fresheners

At SteamKleen, We Service Your Car As If It Were Our Own

Powerful Vacuum System

Truck-mount systems are basically an engine with a very powerful buit-in blower. The horsepower ranges from 15 to 50, depending on the size of the machine. This engine powers this vacuum so it can create a very powerful suction. This vacuum is so powerful that it can have your carpets dry within a couple hours. There is a misconception that steam cleaning will over-saturate your carpet, soak your padding and take days to dry. This is simply NOT true.

Car Steam Cleaning

Dirty car? Seat Stain? Leave your cleaning to the experts at Steam Kleen. We can expertly clean your car interior at your place of residence. We clean the car seat upholstery as well as the car floors with powerful steam cleaning equipment and products.

Stains can come from your kids, pets, food, beverages and bad weather conditions. We can clean it all out of your car during a thorough cleaning. This cleaning helps freshen the car smell by removing the source of odors. Don’t continue trying to mask odors with air freshers that don’t get to the route of the problem.

Salt Removal From Floors

The winter season in Toronto is harsh and comes with salt, sand and antifreeze to maintain the roads. Unfortunately much of the sand and salt gets into our cars and remains there even after the winter season is over. To properly extract it you need professional car steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning will lift and extract all the salt, sand, antifreeze and other dirt from your car floor and seat upholstery. Your car will looks as good as new in no time with our car cleaning service.

If a truck-mount system is used, the water can reach over 230 degrees! Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot water is a key component in any cleanin.

Leather Seat Cleaning

Leather is a great material to have in your car but it needs to be expertly cleaned. Essentially car leather needs to be carefully cleaned with the right cleaning products. In the next step the leather is conditioned with a revitalizer solution to protect it.

Protecting car leather is important for maintaining your car interior. Untreated leather can fade from UV sunlight and is prone to wearing out. This greatly reduce the quality of your car. Keep your car leather looking great with yearly maintenance techniques.

Luxury Leather Cleaning

Leather car interior needs careful upkeep to keep it looking great. The experts at Steam Kleen known that different types of leather need different treatments. We also know that leather needs more than just expert cleaning.

Not only do we clean all types of car leather we also have special conditioning products to maintain and revitalize leather. This treatment is important for protecting your car interior from UV light to regular abrasions. Get the luxury leather cleaning your car needs.

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