Flatten the Curve: Office Carpet Cleaning the Need of the Hour

Flatten the Curve: Office Carpet Cleaning the Need of the Hour

Have you ever thought of taking a closer look at the dirty carpets in your workplace? If you haven’t, do it now as in these uncertain times with health of employees a big concern, having a carpet cleaning service by your side becomes pivotal. Your business climbs the success ladder when your employees feel safe. 

There are several hidden facts about dirty carpets sprawling over the hallways and offices of your company. While commercial carpet cleaning in Toronto is not a priority for many businesses, a dust and allergy-free office might be everyone’s ideal office environment. Therefore, you need to act wisely and include an office carpet hygiene schedule in your to-do list. 

Still not sure? We can always be your guiding angel and list out some possible outcomes of having unclean carpets in the office. Remember, your employees are probably spending half of their days breathing dust and bacteria! 

Here’s How Dirty Carpets Negatively Affect Your Business:

Health Risks

If you are not getting your office carpets cleaned regularly, chances are that moulds will appear from all the water, coffee, tea spills and dirt. Moulds may cause allergic reactions in people, making them exposed to certain conditions such as asthma, skin and throat irritations. The rapid growth of moulds and hidden pests ends up causing respiratory issues. 

Productivity Issues

When your employees breath polluted air every day, they can fall sick more often, leaving gaps in daily productivity. A clean and healthy environment is the key to increased employee productivity. After all your employees are the engine of your company’s accomplishments. So, take a closer look at your office carpets and get them professionally cleaned. 

Office Aesthetics and Image

Leaving the health component aside, having untidy office carpets can negatively impact your company’s image. Remember, if you want to represent your organization to current and prospective clients and partners, it’s always important to show a positive image; with untidy carpets sprawling around, it becomes next to impossible task. Clean carpets not only look good but also leaves a lasting impression on your clients.

Higher Stress Levels

Prolonged exposure to unhealthy work environments cause a higher level of stress among employees, which can eventually contribute to weakening their immune systems. Work-life is already stressful for employees; being exposed to an unclean environment every day makes them vulnerable to respiratory diseases. The only way to put an end to this is by hiring a commercial carpet cleaning company that fits all your cleaning requirements. Steam Kleen is ready to help you. 

Reduced Carpet Longevity

Last but not the least, high-quality carpets in your office leaves great impression, but not taking proper care of it ends up burning a hole in your pocket. Long-term exposure to dirt, pathogens, sand, and dust, negatively impacts the longevity of your carpet. According to experts, you can prolong your carpet’s health by having a professional carpet cleaner at your disposal.

If you are not sure where to start from for your office carpets, get in touch with us. At Steam Kleen it is our priority to help you maintain the optimal health of your carpet with hassle-free and budget-friendly professional carpet cleaning.