Water Damage Restoration and Cleanup of Property

experienced water damage restoration service

Did you ever imagine that your house could be flooded? It’s a common problem many homeowners face and the only way out is to have a water damage restoration service at your arsenal. Whether it’s your bathroom, kitchen, furniture, carpet, walls or tiles, water damage can completely ruin your perfectly decorated residential and commercial properties. Some of the common water-related disasters such as washing machine overflow and rainwater lead to unpleasant mould, fungus and odour problems. During these unusual times, water damage can also turn your homes and offices into breeding grounds for infectious diseases including Covid-19.

At Steam Kleen, we make it our priority to provide immediate water damage control in Toronto tailored to each of our client’s unique needs. Whether it’s your overflowing toilet, flooding in basement, or a burst pipe, no job is too small or big for us. Our team pays careful attention to your specific water damage and conducts a detailed inspection before starting restoration procedures.

Here are some possible causes of water damage you need to be cautious about:

Drain blockage:

If you’re in Toronto, drain blockage is a common issue you’ll come across as a property owner. The drainage system isn’t strong enough to withstand heavy rain after a snowstorm, as a result, the water often accumulates in and around your property.

Leaking pipes:

Pipes are prone to leakage and burst due to cold weather. This often happens when toilet pipes and drains get backed up with garbage and disposable stuffed inside. If your pipes are old, chances are that they begin to leak.

Plumbing issues:

Some plumbing hazards are hard to detect as they occur within the walls and nearly impossible to identify. This happens when the pipe joints are not fully attached, overlooking a situation like this may create a water overflowing incident resulting in water damage issues.

Basement and attic:

Certain areas of your home such as basements and attics are more prone to water damage. Most of the time these areas are covered with piping and electrical wires, dark and damp places like basements and attics upon pipe leakage allow moulds to flourish.

Efficient water damage control and restoration:

Finding the right water damage restoration company is the first step to protecting your property from water damage. However, before hiring a damage control team, it’s always recommended that you do proper research about the services they offer. Make sure the service provider’s promises and capabilities align with your requirements and needs.

To make your job easy, we’ve put together a list of water damage restoration and maintenance tasks you should be looking for while you look for a vendor:

Identifying the pinpoints:

When you want to hire a water damage control team, ensure that it can determine the source of the issue before it starts the restoration process. It’s important to point out the origin of the damage to ensure that there are no concerns left for the future.

Water eradication:

When there is an overflowing incident, water can quickly spread, so your team should have advanced technology and equipment set up to properly exact water in all the affected areas. Make sure youtube the right extraction professionals on board to get the job done right.

Cleaning and distillation:

When you hire a water damage restoration service that has the right approach and protocol to get the water damaged area restored and disinfect, you are on the right track. Why is it important? Well, an appropriate sanitization process makes sure that there are no biohazard risks and the moulds have been taken care of.

Advanced drying system:

Draining water isn’t the only job that you have signed up for; ensure the restoration service you are appointing is ready to dry out the area. They must have cutting-edge drying systems such as heaters, wood floor drying system or air movers to protect your damaged property.


Your maintenance team must be able to paint a clear picture for you with an overall expense report. Ask in advance what their documentation process looks like! If they walk you through a step-by-step guide, starting from assessing the damaged area taking photographs to give you the details of the equipment they’ll be using, make sure you are talking to the right people.

Our water restoration service at Steam Kleen not only offers all the above-mentioned services, but also takes extra precautions about the cleanliness of your home during these challenging times.

With the highest level of maintenance and protection for your property, we bring with us quality equipment, advanced methods and professional staff to give you a 360 approach to control water damage, carpet restoration and cleaning service.

Don’t wait for the last-minute hack! Sign up for our professional water damage control service. Contact our professionals today!